Amending Soils for Better Nutrition
Walking up to the small, but unique garden on Main Street located in inner city Wichita, a person normally wouldn’t expect such a productive and efficient piece of land. This garden grows a variety of goods from haberno peppers to big sweet potatoes. Main Street garden is full of life and much more.
When I was there with IGO workers our goal was to take three garden rows that used up all the nutrients from the previous growing seasons and amended the soil to put back in more nutrients for better growth during the next season.
We first started by clearing out the old and dead debris on the rows. Then by using a manual back hoe we dug a tench about 2ft. wide and about half a foot deep. After that was done we added an organic compost mixture with coconut coir and water, plus some really good leaf and grass compost from the City of Wichita grass/leaf recycling spot.
This process of amending the soil will help the environment produce healthy vegetables and other plants by adding more nutrients like nitrogen or phosphorus which is founded in most fertilizer. But IGO does it all organically by composting leaves, kitchen food waste and even coffee grinds.
Composting with IGO
Name: Charles Schoket  
Age: 22
College: JCCC/ KU
Class: Bio 130
Composting at the garden
Main Street Garden
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